Commercial Services

Central Valley Helicopters offers a wide variety of commercial services:

  • Photo Flights
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  • Public Safety and Service/SAR
  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Infrastructure/Power Line Assessment
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Event Supervision
  • Developer Assessment/Evaluation
  • Real Estate Assessment/Evaluation
  • Promotions/Advertising
  • Frost Control
  • Cherry Tree Drying
  • And Many Many Customized Services, Call us today at 209-480-3122

We Also Offer Rentals To Rated Pilots

Already a rated helicopter pilot? Rent one of our Robinson R22 helicopters using our flexable rental program. Another one of the benefits of training with Central Valley Helicopters.

Robinson R22 Solo Price/Rental (Wet) Call us Today!!


per hour